35 Operator Speakers, including Paolo Chilosi Director General of Multilink Haiti, Announced at WiMAX Forum Global Congress 2010

The WiMAX Forum® today announced a host of key WiMAX industry players who have confirmed their attendance and participation at WiMAX Forum Global Congress 2010 in Amsterdam June 16-17, 2010. Recently confirmed speakers include representatives from SP Ausnet, Intel and Banglalion.

These industry experts join more than 60 speakers participating in the Global Congress program including Barry West, Clearwire and Dr Fumio Watanabe, CTO, UQ Communications. Keynote speakers include:

• Dionysis Alexandratos, COO, Cosmoline (Greece)
• Barry O’Connell, Head of Core Networks, Imagine Group (Ireland)
• Paolo Chilosi, Director General, Multilink (Haiti)
• Gabriel Perez, WiMAX Network Director, Movilmax (Venezuela)
• Jay Alvi, EVP Enterprise Services, TSTT (Trinidad & Tobago)
• Mohamed Basafi, CTO, Mobily (Saudi Arabia)
• Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL (India)

The Global Congress program will include a number of regionally driven topics including India Empowered: BSNL’s Broadband Ambitions and Strategies for Addressing the Digital Divide with WiMAX. In this session, Mr Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL will be speaking on the long-awaited BWA spectrum auctions now underway in India, the results of which are sure to leave a lasting impression upon the wider broadband ecosystem. BSNL is already leading the way in WiMAX deployments in India and have commercially launched WiMAX services regionally.

WiMAX Forum Global Congress 2010 is sponsored by Intel, Samsung, Alvarion, Huawei, ZTE, Tellabs, Motorola, Ciena, MACH and Bridgewater Systems. For more information about the WiMAX Forum Congress Series or for a full program for the Global Congress 2010 event, please visit http://www.wimaxforum.org.

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