Haiti Get Back Up / Ayiti Leve Kanpe / Haiti Levántate / Haiti Releve Toi in HD with a special introduction by actor Danny Glover

A great video in honour of Haiti, Pre/Post Earthquake, by Haitian composer and producer Jean Jean-Pierre, Maestro Jose Antonio Molina and the Dominican Republic Symphonic Orchestra, with a special introduction by actor Danny Glover.

In Memoriam:
A tribute to those who perished on January 12, 2010.

Each and every one of us, who survived the January 12, 2010 earthquake which took the lives of thousands and ravaged several cities in Haiti, has a story to tell. Some barely made it. Some were missed by seconds. Some made it with missing limbs or/and loved ones.

What, however, binds us all so firmly is a collective responsibility to use this tragedy as a catalyst for change. Real change. No more business as usual.

We’ve got to make sense out of the deaths of so many folks who only wanted to have a decent life like everyone else around the world. We must grab this “opportunity” to enhance our circumstances. The system has failed the people of Haiti for too long. Yes we must rebuild. No we cannot just rebuild physically for the reconstruction of Haiti cannot be complete without the reinforcement of its citizenry. We must reshape ourselves. We must remake ourselves. But we must all play our parts. Here’s mine: I want to use my music as an impetus to help implement a national civic and environmental education campaign.

A new Haitian citizen is needed today for Haiti.

Our hands shall embrace our neighbours from the Dominican Republic.

In the aftermath of the worst tragedy that has befallen Haiti, the Dominican Republic was the first country to come to our help. The Dominicans did not ask for permission to land nor to cross the border. Bolstered by a deep sense of gratitude, and armed with my music, I traveled to the Dominican Republic to thank my neighbours. When I met for the first time Mr. José Rafael Lantigua, the country’s Minister of Culture, he did not hesitate for a second to introduce me to the great conductor and arranger, Maestro Jose Antonio Molina.

This is what we did together.

Jean-Jean Pierre

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2 commentaires:

  1. Amazing!
    What a wonderful project. Thank you for bringing this to the world. Lots of pride and dignity. Is there way to send this to the Grammy committee for consideration?
    thsi would give it wider recognition.
    They deserve to be encouraged.
    Jerry Craft

  2. Thanks for your comment Anonymous.

    Everyone is encouraged to spread the word about this project, like sending it to the Grammy committee.

    You can also start a Facebook page and build a solid base of supporters for promoting this project that is the project of every Haitian!