Google appoints Multilink as an authorized reseller of Google Apps

Port-au-Prince, April 26, 2010 – Multilink is proud to announce its appointment as an authorized reseller of Google Apps Premier Edition, a web-based suite of advanced and cost-effective applications for businesses and organizations. The reselling agreement with Google authorizes Multilink to sell these services in Haiti and Latin America.

Highly efficient, secure, and reliable, Google Apps Premier Edition is a comprehensive messaging and collaboration solution that allows companies of all sizes to dramatically reduce their IT costs all the while optimizing communications and improving operations. More than two million businesses and organizations run these apps today and thousands more switch to them every day.

Multilink expects Google Apps Premier Edition to rapidly become a huge success in Haiti as well, where IT costs are an important issue for many businesses and organizations. For a modest annual fee per user, these businesses will get full access to a complete range of powerful tools that fill all their needs with respect to communication, collaboration, team work, storage, security, video, document creation and sharing, web site design and management. Moreover, each of these powerful applications is available in mobile version, allowing users to access them anywhere.

“Google Apps Premier Edition is perfectly suited for a market like Haiti,” says Stéphane d’Amours, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Multilink. “This collaborative solution is powerful, easy to implement, simple to use and very affordable. Multilink is developing partnerships with world-class companies to offer business solutions that are better adapted to the Haitian market. We want to empower Haiti’s businesses and organizations by providing them the best tools available, such as Google Apps Premier Edition.”

Stéphane d’Amours, Dir., Marketing & Communications
sdamours (at) multilink-ht.net

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