Software vendors and developers from around the globe come together to help Haiti relief and reconstruction by offering their solutions for free

With thousands of Haitian people displaced and in need of assistance after the catastrophic earthquake of January 12th, the response by the hundreds of charitable and non-profit organizations has been crucial in providing immediate relief to the region. Effective co-ordination of rescue, relief and re-construction efforts is essential in helping Haiti recover and re-build from this tragic event.

And while software can not deliver essential medical supplies, distribute food and water or build shelter, it can assist those organizations involved in Haiti relief and re-construction in effectively co-ordinating and accomplishing their tasks and mandates.

SoftwareForHaiti.org is an association of developers and vendors from around the globe who believe in offering their software at no cost to the organizations directly involved in Haiti relief and re-construction. Together, we can help Haiti recover and re-build from this tragic event.

How it works?

Haiti Relief and Government Organizations:

If your non-profit / charitable organization is directly involved with Haiti relief and re-construction efforts, or you are a government organization based in Haiti, you can take full advantage of the software solutions offered by our vendors. Simply browse our software catalog to find the right software for your organization. You can then contact the vendor who will assist you with license registration and deployment, at no cost to you.

Software Vendors:

Joining SoftwareForHaiti.org is free and helps a great cause! All software is qualified to be part SoftwareForHaiti.org. In order to participate you must agree to provide a perpetual license for desktop products or a hosted (SaaS) license for a minimum time of 1 year to qualified Haiti relief organizations at no cost. Please note, that you must provide a working copy of your software, not a trial / limited / restricted copy. Please visit our vendor page for more information on how to qualify and join the initiative.

Click here to visit their website: http://www.softwareforhaiti.org

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