Multilink and Partners Are Deploying an Emergency Network in Haiti

Multilink is deeply united with Haiti’s people, institutions and enterprises throughout the ordeal facing all of us.

Together with our partners, we are making our best efforts to optimize communication infrastructures and deploy an extended Internet emergency network. Our technical team is also available to provide new services on demand.

The earthquake that devastated our country shows the crucial role played by the Internet in a time of crisis or disaster, when other means of communication are no longer available. Since day one, on January 12, Multilink’s Internet services have remained operational. Furthermore, we were the first to do Live Video Streaming from Haiti to maintain communication with the rest of the world.

Internet service providers, such as Multilink, have an important mission to carry out in helping Haitians right now and in Haiti’s rebuilding in the longer term.

We wish to thank our employees for their courage and commitment in these hard times. We also wish to thank our partners and friends, such as Cisco, Fujitsu, Google, OneMax, Tricom, Witech and all the others, for their outstanding and ongoing support. We shall be able to rebuild Haiti with the help of everyone!

You may contact us at the following numbers: (509) 2949-2929 / 2511-3411 / 2513-5502 / 2512-5202 / 2940-8076, or visit us at Delmas 18 (SCOTIABANK).

Multilink expresses its deepest sympathies to all Haitian families.

Nou tout viktim!

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