"Keeping Haiti's Internet Alive" (PBS Frontline World)

With lives in the balance and medicine in short supply, the Internet could seem like an afterthought in Haiti. But Paolo Chilosi, who runs Multilink, a leading Internet provider in Haiti, says the net is as vital as food and water. Using generators powered by gas and solar and GREAT help from Cisco Systems TACOPS which flew in a team of engineers by helicopter this week, Chilosi is getting crucial institutions like banks, radio stations and the office of President René Préval (who the world has been waiting to hear from) back online.

But logistics, he says, are a nightmare, and most of his staff has fled. In this interview over webcam with FRONTLINE/World, Chilosi says he desperately needs skilled volunteers to come to the island to help shore up the Internet.

Follow Multilink on Twitter or get in touch with the company about volunteering by visiting the Website.

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  1. Great article ! Multilink Haiti, you are doing a great job in keeping Internet alive for the recovery of our beloved country!